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Performance Profiling

Identify performance bottlenecks with full visual stats for quick feedback

Performance statistics of your application can be seen in first tab (“Profiler”) of RevDeBug’s Control panel.


The first one, the doughnut diagram, presents 10 methods of your application, that take the most time to execute.


The second one, the column diagram, shows 5 most frequently called methods.


By clicking on parts of the diagrams, you can easily find the definition of chosen method.

On the left side of Visual Studio code editing window are placed heatmap adornments.
The most time-consuming methods have the reddest rectangle.


For more information, you can open the Performance window. Find it in RevDeBug menu,


or by clicking on icon in Charts tab inline_404-performance-profiling-btn.png.

In the Performance window you can see all methods with their total call count, mean and overall execution time.


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