Prompter - Lightest tool for faster debugging

What is Prompter?

Prompter is a new program developed by RevDeBug team. It was created purely for enhancing the comfort of debugging. It allows you to see values right in your code during debugging. Bringing the end to tedious copying and writting everything into the watch.

Showing values in your code

This is the main feature of RevDeBug Prompter. Have you ever wondered, how awesome it could be, if you could stop worring about writting everything into the watch? Prompter is your answer. It will show you everything you need to know, without even touching your mouse!

Tracking bugs

With RevDeBug Prompter you can find out the source of any exception in a matter of seconds. If you have Prompts enabled, and when an exception happens, you will see right away what led to it. Prompter will show you all preceding values. The same happens when you set up a breakepoint.

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Light & easy way to see values


Professional tool for fighting bugs